Know the Minimum Insurance Policy in Pennsylvania

It is illegal to drive in the U.S. without having insurance, and Pennsylvania is obviously no different. You have a number of insurance providers from which to choose, and Pennsylvania is one of the states with lowest insurance costs.

The federal mandate that every driver must have minimum auto insurance coverage is designed to protect drivers from other drivers who may not be insured. The minimum coverage limit is $15,000/$30,000. This means that the $15,000 pays for injuries to one person, while the $30,000 is the total available coverage for one accident. If you damage someone's property in an accident and you are at fault, this coverage pays for it. The minimum limit is $5,000 of coverage.

You must also carry medical benefits coverage - this pays medical bills for you and others who are covered by your policy, regardless of fault. The minimum limit is $5,000 of coverage. Most states, including Pennsylvania, have laws in place that allow victims in traffic accidents to collect financial damages from the driver at fault, as long as the amount does not exceed the coverage. For instance, consider a hypothetical situation in which you are injured in a car accident that an insured individual causes.

If you are injured in the accident and need medical attention, you are entitled to a maximum of $15,000 to cover your medical expenses and $30,000 to cover any property damage incurred. If an individual does not have the minimum coverage required by Pennsylvania, you may file a civil suit against them and attempt to recover damages this way. If damage to personal property or person is significantly than what the coverage provides, the petitioner, or the injured party, has recourse to collect additional damages not listed on the plan of the person at fault.

In addition, once you have purchased insurance coverage, you must also notify the Insurance Department of Pennsylvania. To do this, call 877-881-6388 to update your insurance information. Remember that falsifying the possession of insurance coverage is a serious offense, and can result in jail time. Not only is driving without insurance risky to you, but it also puts a strain on state budgets when they have to raise taxes to pay what you are entitled to monetarily, if you have standing to seek damages.

And so, whenever an individual becomes insured in Pennsylvania, insurance companies, along with the recently insured, must notify the Pennsylvania Insurance Department.