Mobile Technology Makes Street Parking Seamless

Parking meters throughout the nation are being removed from the sidewalks and replaced with pay-to-park kiosks. These kiosks are solar powered and allow individuals to pay with cash, change, or credit card. Some more technologically advanced kiosks allow drivers to pay for parking with their cell phones. It benefits the environment as well as consumers.

Parking systems that allow drivers to pay with their cellphones is an ingenious concept for its added efficiency and convenience. This is one small step for mobile technology, and one giant leap for drivers everywhere. Drivers that park their car do not have to worry about running out of time or change, or even more annoyingly, interrupt their affairs to feed the meter.

In accordance with federal environmental measures, foliage has been planted on many sidewalks in cities nationwide for the purpose of absorbing carbon dioxide. Approximately three to four solar-powered kiosks are situated on these sidewalks. Some require individuals to physically insert money into them, but many allow drivers to pay with their smartphones.

Now, major cities offer a pay-by-phone service that allows drivers to enter their information and set up an account. This saves time in the long run, and is a more efficient way than scrambling for loose change. So instead of running the risk of getting a parking ticket because you don't have change on hand, set up an account and pay for parking by phone. Still in its relative infancy, ParkMobile plans to add mobile parking stations where they are requested or where considerable demand for them exists.

Currently, there is a large concentration of ParkMobile kiosks in the eastern portion of the region, but has a diffuse network of kiosks in Texas and California. With an expansive network of mobile parking kiosks already available, combined with the existing state and municipal mobile parking programs, it may only be a matter of time until all drivers will need smartphones to pay for parking.