Set Your Car's Price as High as Possible

Don't go cheap when selling a used vehicle. First, gather information regarding your vehicle's history. Keep in mind that selling a truck, van, car, motorcycle or other motorized vehicle requires a handful of skills that many people do not possess. However, it's not impossible to learn if you follow a few simple tips. You don't want to lose value on your vehicle, but you also need to get rid of it, so considering the price requires your time and attention.

Setting the price of a used vehicle begins with comparing prices offered for similar vehicles, and taking a look at your vehicle's history information. Search the Internet for your same make and model to learn what other sellers are valuing their vehicle at. Another important number to find is the fair market value for your vehicle. Get an average price for your vehicle and then consider the shape that it's in. Be honest with yourself, because ignoring things that matter to buyers will only make selling the car much harder.

With all the pricing information and vehicle status in mind, it's time to pick a price for your vehicle. Always remember to add 30-50 percent to the price you are considering. After reading that you may be thinking that it's crazy and that you will never sell the vehicle. However, studies show that pricing high actually helps you in several ways.

First, a high price allows you to let the buyer work you down a little. This little bit of loss during negotiating encourages buyers to make a faster decision. They do not know how low they can get you, so as soon as the price drops a little, a buyer will pull the trigger.

The other great thing that happens for you when you price high is that even if the buyer brings you down 20 percent, you've still come out on top. Your vehicle is purchased, you got the value you wanted (and a little more) and the buyer feels like they've gotten the best of you. The truth is, you got exactly what you wanted.