Car Insurance Rises Faster than Your Speed

Though your car may possess superior acceleration ability, nothing compares to the speed at which insurance rates rise when you drive irresponsibly. While speeding tickets carry with them substantial fines, the costs of these violations add up when you add to the equation increased insurance costs, attorney fees, traffic school and the required SR-22 insurance.

Car insurance companies want to insure responsible drivers, but they won't hesitate to raise your premium if you are charged with speeding. Increased premiums are given in the hopes that they will deter you from committing future violations. It is also a way to protect other clients from increased insurance costs caused by irresponsible drivers. Ultimately, the cost of a ticket may seem like a drop in the pail compared to the hundreds, or sometimes thousands, of dollars one may pay in insurance costs and fees.

A speeding violation results in points being added to your driving record, which you can only remove by attending driving school, hiring an attorney or sometimes both. Accruing too many points in a certain span of time may cause your insurance rates to rise even more, or the revocation of your driving privileges.

Remember also that traffic school can only remove a limited amount of points every five years, and accumulating too many points may result in the state suspending your license. Any course of action you choose to take will cost money, which again, will only increase your financial responsibilities.

When car insurance rates dramatically increase, your wallet is subjected to serious cash limitations. If you have been criminally charged for a traffic violation, insurance prices will soar. One of the best ways to keep your premiums from increasing is by making sure you aren't assessed points, or to take the necessary steps to remove those points as fast as possible. Find an attorney to represent you in traffic court and ensure your car insurance company does not take any unnecessary money out of your pocket.