Slow Your Speed in Pennsylvania School Zones

Do you know how serious speeding in a school zone is? Throughout the country, children walk, bike, and skate to and from school, making it vital for drivers to be hyper aware of school zones. Speeding tickets in general are costly, but nothing compares to the tickets given when driving above the speed limit in school zones.

Penalties committed in a school zone can cause some serious damage to your finances. Becoming more aware can be accomplished by doing simple things like keeping an eye out for signs and lights that indicate a school zone is near. There is almost no excuse for speeding in a school zone as they are clearly marked.

The school zone speed is in effect usually 30 minutes before the start of school until 15 minutes after the morning bell. It goes back into effect again 15 minutes before class lets out in the afternoon and lasts for 30 minutes after.

The speed for an active school zone is 15 miles per hour, however may vary among counties. Be attentive to the posted limits, as officers are ready to issue a ticket for excessive speed. Police officers around schools are not at all lenient when the lives of children are at stake.

School zone violators are held accountable in every case. Typically fines for speeding in school zones are three times the amount of a regular speeding ticket, and will be even greater if you are a repeat traffic offender. Violations in school zones will also come with steeper point penalties on your license.

City planners and authorities recognize that children are the future and aim to promote safe driving environments. It will make streets safer for future generations of drivers as we continue to respect these road rules. Though you should never speed anywhere, school zones are especially important around which to be cautious. Even the most experienced drivers must remain wary since children are prone to do something unexpected. You can't be distracted when driving through a school zone.