Timing Your Speed

Before you put your pedal to the metal and floor it, consult your calendar. Police officers usually put their best efforts toward issuing tickets at the beginning and end of each month. This is because unofficial ticket quotas are evaluated at this time.

Law enforcement officers keep their eyes peeled on every shift to catch a traffic offender and will unflinchingly pursue them. Speeding tickets are among the most expensive traffic citations out there, so if you would rather not throw money out your window, refrain from speeding, anywhere and everywhere.

Facts About Speeding: In almost all fatal car accidents, at least one driver was speeding.

There are several general rules for maintaining legal speed on the road. When you turn, especially onto a residential street, you must slow your speed. Not only is speeding through a turn dangerous to you it's dangerous to anyone around the bend.

School zones also have their own limits, which are located on the perimeter of the school and slightly beyond sometimes. These zones typically restrict drivers to 15 miles per hour or slower. Speeding infractions in a school zone are treated much more seriously and consequentially are much more expensive.

Also, if you are driving through an area where there is a traffic accident or construction crew, speed limits are much lower, and fines are much higher. This is simply because people require added protection when they are close to a road full of maniacal motorists. Drivers must be aware of their surroundings, primarily to ensure the safety of all parties involved, and secondly, to avoid being assessed a significant fine.

Facts About Speeding: A driver is six times more likely to have an accident when traveling at 25 miles per hour above the posted limit.

Tickets, especially speeding tickets, snowball into a giant inconvenience because of their immense cost. Attorneys can help reduce the amount of a fine, or even remove the punishment completely, but their services are expensive as well. One way or another, speeding tickets cost you a considerable amount of money and time. Always remember that driving is a big responsibility, and following the rules will make it a safer and less expensive experience.