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VIN Number Explained

Inquiring minds want to know. What are VINs (Vehicle Identification Number) used for? In most cases VIN numbers are commonly used when checking into a vehicle's history. If you're in the market to buy a used car in Pennsylvania, get the facts up front by using its VIN to check out the history of the vehicle.

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Checking the VIN

If you are out there hitting the streets of Pennsylvania looking for that gem of a used car, here is a tip for you. Before laying out the cash or taking out that loan, you'll find that it's not only important but almost imperative to know its complete vehicle history. If you use a vehicle report service, it can help to avoid buying a car that might actually be a lemon in disguise. You'll want to go with a respected vehicle report company that will run a VIN check if you are considering buying the car. It's with this report that you can make a better informed decision on purchasing the used car based on the information. Read more...

What's a VIN Number?

This unique code includes a serial number that identifies individual vehicles used by the automotive industry and is referred to as a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). The VIN is referred to other names at times, such as a Chassis Number or a Vehicle Serial Number. Even with the variety of names the VIN might fall under, its meaning is the same between all of them. The VIN stamped on your vehicle is its birth certificate. Read more...

VIN Fraud

If you feel there is something fraudulent about your car's VIN number, then you should probably obtain your vehicle's history report. Read more...