Notice: Pennsylvania Is Improving Parking Availability

Parking Tickets

Nothing spoils a fun night out like finding a parking ticket tucked under your windshield wiper. But before you pull out your credit card to pay that fine, read more about how to handle the parking ticket process.

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Don't Let Your Car Get the Boot

Not paying your parking tickets in time will only result in having to pay the ticket's initial amount to the third power. If you choose to ignore the responsibility and continue to accumulate quite a few of them, you may come back to your car to see a wheel clamp attached to it. It takes quite a number of tickets before parking authorities add a new piece of hardware to your vehicle, but you never want to turn your car into a giant paperweight. Read more...

Mobile Technology Makes Street Parking Seamless

Parking meters throughout the nation are being removed from the sidewalks and replaced with pay-to-park kiosks. These kiosks are solar powered and allow individuals to pay with cash, change, or credit card. Some more technologically advanced kiosks allow drivers to pay for parking with their cell phones. It benefits the environment as well as consumers. Read more...

Five Parking Apps to Avoid Tickets

If you have received a parking ticket, you know the sinking feeling when you see a 3"x10" glossy slip of paper placed under your windshield wiper. It is advisable to pay the ticket immediately to avoid late charges, and to get it out of your sight. There are apps, however, that can help you avoid receiving a parking ticket. Read more...