Pennsylvania Salvage Titles

An auto involved in an accident in the state of Pennsylvania becomes a salvage vehicle if the damage estimate is 80 percent or more of its value to completely replace it. If the vehicle is restored, you as the owner, have to acquire a rebuilt title from a Pennsylvania DVS (Driver & Vehicle Services). Please note that a vehicle becomes eligible for a FL salvage rebuilt title after your insurance agency declares it to be a total loss after an accident. At that point the car can be sold for parts, or restored.

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Pennsylvania Salvage Title

In the state of Pennsylvania insurance companies have the authority to declare a vehicle a total loss if your automobile is in an accident. If your insurance company takes possession of the vehicle, they are required to apply for a Salvage Title. If you as the owner retain possession, you will have to acquire a PA Salvage Title. Please note that you cannot drive your vehicle on any Pennsylvania roadway until it is titled.

Apply for a Pennsylvania Salvage Vehicle Title

To apply for a title on a salvaged car in Pennsylvania, you will have to show up in person to a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation office (DOT). Click here to find your nearest PennDOT branch. You will need to bring with you the original Certificate of Title and documentation of the automobile being a total loss from your insurance company.

Once these steps are completed you can submit the Salvage Title Application and pay the appropriate titling fees.

Pennsylvania Salvage Rebuilt-Reconstructed Vehicle Title

If your vehicle has been repaired and passed a safety inspection, you can then file for a Salvage-Reconstructed Vehicle Title at your local Pennsylvania DOT branch. To acquire a Rebuilt Salvage Title, you'll need to bring the following:

For more information you can also refer to the PA Reconstructed Vehicle Titling Procedure Fact Sheet.

Pennsylvania Salvage Safety Inspection

After repairing or restoring your salvaged vehicle and before obtaining a Rebuilt-Reconstructed Vehicle Title, you'll first have to get a Salvage Vehicle Inspection from a state authorized inspection station. In Pennsylvania, you must provide a completed Enhanced Vehicle Inspection form, your title, bill of sale, and receipts for all parts used in restoration. Once you have completed this process, you can head to your local PennDOT office and file for a Reconstructed Vehicle Title.

Title an Abandoned Vehicle in Pennsylvania

An abandoned vehicle title in Pennsylvania can be claimed by anyone as long as the owner does not come forward to claim it. To claim an abandoned vehicle and title it, you'll have to first contact your local Pennsylvania law authorities, give them the location of the vehicle and fill out an Abandoned Vehicle Form.

If authorities investigate and the owner is not located, they will contact you. At that point you may take your completed Abandoned Vehicle Form to your local PennDOT branch and apply for a PA Motor Vehicle Title. For more information, contact PA local authorities or the DOT.